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A tech company looking for a tight-timeline and budget-friendly renovation that accommodated their team with room to grow. Small hits of their branding colour draws you through the space. Black borders, concrete and graphic outlines are evocative of newspaper columns and ad spaces while dropped ceilings allow natural light to cast deep into the office space.

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Being on the forefront of office design means your showroom needs to reflect different types of people and their workflows - and look stylish while doing it! The client wanted to highlight different modes of working and emphasize the future of workplace as a more home-like place with multiple touchpoints and spaces for productivity.

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What do you do when you inherit a home filled with possessions that belonged to someone you loved? A condo in Halifax was brightened, modernized and curated to create a mix of the sentimental and the modern.

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A stunning 10,000 sf home cantilevered on a cliff with panoramic views of Whistler Valley. Natural Stone, wood and bronze fill the space with texture and warmth. The client requested a high-end hotel feel and unexpected materials that emphasize a feeling of landscape and horizontality.

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Victorian meets Zen - a couple with big plans wanted a retreat in the city that blends the existing character of this Victorian home with a serene material palette and symmetrical architecture.

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A growing family in serious need of a bathroom upgrade. Powder and upstairs bath are retro-fitted to be light-filled, fun and child-friendly. The master bathroom underwent a complete re-configure with added walk-in shower and soaker tub to create a quiet oasis for busy parents.

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One of the original houses in New Westminster, 319 Queens Avenue had been abandoned for several years. This project blends modern and Victorian-inspired elements with a more open connection with outdoor space. The client requested a particular focus on Chinoiserie, the 19th century western interpretation of Chinese cultural architecture and ornamentation.

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A busy, active family of five with different needs, ages and priorities sharing this Whistler home. Function was the most important (obviously!), with a plan that emphasized acoustically-separated areas for parents and kids radiating around a social hub that incorporates, living, dining and lounging. Simplicity in finishes and gestures that emphasize the fantastic double-height space.

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A retirement home that emphasizes natural light and negative space. Cozy gatherings and activity centered around family and friends are encouraged through strategic sightlines, while height transitions and contrasts in texture add warmth to the minimalist aesthetic.

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